Image Analysis Services

DevJeco specializes in providing advanced image analysis solutions to businesses, using cutting-edge techniques and tools to extract valuable insights from visual data.

Custom Image Recognition Solutions

Object Detection

At DevJeco, we specialise in developing custom object recognition and analysis solutions tailored to your specific business requirements. Our solutions enable us to detect insights from images, accurately identify objects, and address various business needs.

  • Clustering
  • Product Identification.
  • Object Classification
  • Logo Detection
  • Defect Detection
  • Vehicle Recognition
  • Face Recognition.

Image Processing

Our image recognition and analysis solution is powerful and capable of extracting valuable information from images, including data, characteristics, bounding boxes, and masks.

  • Medical Visualization
  • Law Enforcement and Security
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Pose Estimation
  • Semantic Segmentation

Data Processing

We provide top-notch services that can efficiently and effectively identify, capture, and extract data from unstructured documents. Our automated approach ensures more accurate labeling, which helps to streamline work processes.

  • OCR Data Extractions
  • Automated Data Entry
  • Optical Barcode Recognition
  • Feature Detection
  • Character Recognition

Demand Forecasting

We assist manufacturers in determining their production targets and advise retailers on inventory management. Furthermore, we forecast the quantity of products to be bought in a given time frame.

  • Manpower Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Future Manufacturing Policy
  • Sales Planning
  • Stock Prediction

Benefits that make your business thrive

Standard Quality

Our image processing technology effectively extracts data from images and provides in-depth analysis and results that can be easily customised and scaled based on your requirements.

Structured Operations

We use automated personalized training to efficiently perform image annotation and analysis while adhering to your quality standards and requirements.

ML-Powered Image Processing

Our advanced machine learning algorithms are capable of identifying patterns and analysing images with higher accuracy than a human can achieve alone.

Multiple Data Format

We provide support for various image formats including jpeg, png, and tiff. Our image annotation services accurately annotate the images, regardless of the format they are uploaded in.